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Year Of The Flood

Can anyone explain
I shared your truth today
So far away the rains
And the ocean
I see your flower growing
I see your rivers flowing
I see your skies open
In the year of the flood

It’s coming clear as day
Like comets blazing trails
Through the shadows and the veils
All along the valley
In every sunrise spent
All our beginnings end
All our doves sent
For the hour of knowing

You may walk and you may run
You leave your footprints all around the sun
And every time the storm and the soul wars come
You just keep on walking
It’s been this way from the start
Everybody walking round with holes in the heart
Everybody holding up skies in the dark
As the stars keep falling

Clash Of The Ash

Hey, now boys there’s something not right
Did anyone see Willie at the dance last night
Let’s pick up Boa without a fuss
Chuck him in with caimans at the back of the bus
‘Cause we’re running late, it’s way past ten
We’re driving through the straths and glens
Come on, Johnny Bulla, make it fast
For the 12 noon throw-up
And the clash of the ash

Well we’d better make change now it seems
Geek to the centre, Weed to the wing
The Rocket’s old and slow and due to retire
Stick him right on the sawdust ready to fire
But if we do all that and there’s no-one spare
Tell me who’s gonna mark the Kinlochsheil Bear
He’s hard as nails, quick as a flash
He comes down from the caves
For the clash of the ash

This story started long ago
With heroes forges and legends told
And for every fighting highland man
Stand by your brother, die for the clan
But when the whistle blows and the battle’s done
These shinty boys shine like the sun
We don’t play for fame, we don’t play for cash
We just play for the glory
And the clash of the ash

Ocean Road

I walked out, one morning fair
By the ocean road to linger there
And the sun was up, I saw the blue
But it night in my heart for you

And the turning wave filled my empty thoughts
With a homing power that washed a sea of loss
I saw my light, I held the flame
That we should take this road again

Still the ocean rolled round this smallest sphere
Through an endless void, to fade and disappear
Our fickle hearts sat down in time
For the fleeting beat of a last divide

One more, and I can see it all again
Like I was young
Strong in heart and dreams
Once more I’m staking all that’s real
Where the waters washed us clear

Soaring like a bird
Where do we go
Where do we go
On and over all we know
Where do we go

Where do we go


Throw open all the doors
There’s a warm wind blowing through
Let the gifts of ages
Pour over you

Let it rise within you now
Let the shine light up your way
Chasing all your doubts and clouds
Far away

There’s a sky of newest blue
Way beyond this burning sun
A clear and perfect view
On and on

Every time it happens
Atoms scatter on the road ahead
So don’t look away, don’t let it stay
To other schemes instead
Don’t wait too long
Can’t you see that summer’s come
And this world that’s lipped it’s crown
It took some saving


“On the other side of the (prison) door there was no sun
There was no food and there was no wine”
But the day of release has now arrived
Like a flood, like a bird on the wing

“Keep your eyes open and listen”
There is a well of riches at the Feis
Our children today, with the voices of yesterday
Champions of youth, with joy, with respect

I have no worries now
A new era has risen up
From a bleak and an arid wilderness

She is lovely, she is beautiful
She is strong, she is golden


Taobh cul an dorais cha robh grian
Cha robh biadh is cha robh fion
Tha la' an t-saoradh neist air tighinn
Mar tuil, mar eun air sgiath

Cum a mach do shuil is eisd
Tha tobar shaibhreas aig an fheis
Ar clann an-diugh, le guth an de
Gasgaich og, le mire, le speis

Sona 'drasd 'tha mi
'S mi gun uallach bhon a' ghreun
Lin ur a tighinn gu bi
'Mach a fasach lom is tiorram

Thai I ladir, tha I orach

Lyrics kindly supplied by Judy Smith

Something's Got To Give

She walked into the room
Leaving all her lovers in her trail
And all that glitters fades
With the garlands round her fame
Out where the journey turns
Another river runs and I’m amazed,
You’re the one, locking on
Like a memory
And it’s good to feel you near

So burn anther dawn
And your tired and empty eyes look to the sun
But grace won’t come
Before this night is done
Somewhere down that road
You’ll look round and realize that it’s all gone
Empires rise, and they fall
I’ve played my part
Holding on

But if this is the way
We love and we live
So let it be
But brother, can’t you see
(But it just seems to me)
That something’s got to give

Sometimes I can’t easy see or believe
All of this nature’s too real

Lyrics kindly supplied by Bill Smith and Judy Smith

Road Trip

Take heart: cheat the dark
Get driving with the lark
As cities sleep
Steal a march before the sun
It’s all philosophy
An open motorway
Chasing break of day
Somewhere on a border town
I’ve packed my ceilidh boots
I’ve got my “once was” looks
I’ve got my tubes and hooks
Reel, drogue, priest and bung
Throw away your fears
Peel away the years
I’ve seen too many leaves
Falling down

Unwind: touch the brine
Take some bread: break some wine
I can see the water line
Red below the Lewis sun
Where the ocean rolls
Aboard the ship of souls
The healing wind blows
So why crawl when we can run
Go find your other life
One road: steeper climbs

Where the river winds
Straight into the west
Fade away like rust
Vanish like the dust
‘Cause, baby, tramps like us were born with cianalas

Get free: Believe: Go real
Everything you ever need
Is waiting for you here
Get Free; Believe: Go real
Could this be the living glimpse
Of all that’s meant to be

‘Cause we’ll get old
Before this night is done
So get far away

So come with me
Everything you see
Is everything you need
Take a road trip
Go soul deep

An Dealachadh
The Parting

The white morning mist
Is high on the hill
Each river, waterfall and stream
Running through the glens
And above the glory of the earth
Light is shining on the crown
That has today tilted away from us

When there is a parting of the ways
An understanding comes to man
It’s brighter than the moon
Deeper than the ocean
Today I will leave you
On the edge of a journey
With ever good wish and blessing

What use is there in contemplation
Or in looking in the past
The road that lies ahead of us
Is wider than the world
And each hidden part of my being
Is filling up to overflowing
With joy, with sorrow, with love


Tha ceo geal na madainn
Ard air a bheinn
Gach allt, eas is struthan
A' ruith tron a' ghleann
'As cionn glor na cruinne
Tha soillse air a' chrun
Tha'n diugh air carradh bhuain

Nuair a' sgaras an t-slighe
Thig sealladh gu duinne
Nas soilleir na geallach
Nas domhainn nan cuan
An duigh ni mi t'fhagal
Ri taobh oir a' chuairt
Le gach miann 's gach beannachd dhut

'S de math 'bhi beachd-smaoint
No coimhead ri ar cul
Tha an t-slighe tha roimhinn
Nas fharsainn nan saoghal
Gach ionad nam anam
A lionadh gu tuil
Le agh, le bron, le gaol

Lyrics kindly supplied by Judy Smith

This Day

They’ll be gathering together
Sharing hearts and hand as first rays fall
All our connected lives
Arriving down by the mission wall
And sometimes it’s not easy
To take a step outside and face the day
‘Cause part of you for ever
In this place will always stay

Take away the pages
Keep them locked up in your memory
We all open morning doors
Go walking out with destiny
All around. Familiar faces
Voices ringing out warm and near
They take us to the moment
And the dance that leads us

You’ll be frozen in your moment
You’ll be beautiful for all of time
Waiting on the wonder road
Where saints and angels walk the line
And somebody much, much older
You’ll look back and chance to dream aloud
Was there a moment greater
Than one to make someone proud

Bless this day
I say, I pray
We’ll take this day
For always

And The Accordions Played

See the bracken green on the hills
See the gifts of every summer
Suns sinking low in the long grass
Always rising and falling down
There’s bluebells growing under the trees
And I will be there in June
I will walk back down the river
To some unknown salvation
Taking me back again
Memories of the incomplete
The birch, the oak, the rowan
And the accordions down in the hall
By the riverside
As if God hadn’t happened at all
Stealing heaven from a moon-lit door
Taking me back down the railroad tracks
To get lost in it all

On young ploughed fields I kissed your eyes
A crown of songs around your head
And by the railings at the harbor wall
The radios played
Never thought I could look upon
Something so beautiful, so pure
Brighter than sun on snow
In some new enchanted garden
She said we’ve been here before
As the skies are slashed by flames
Our citadels come crashing down
A constant sea, a war of waves
Lay down your life for me
Lay down your love again
We’ll talk it over
And we’ll waken
Like kings some day

And the accordions played

And the accordions played

In Scandinavia

I saw something in your eye
As the night came down in a Nordic sky
Walking in ways of summers past
Touching other lands
The wind filled sails
She stayed to make the moment last

There’s nothing new beneath the sun
We watched it rise
In morning skies of fire and wine
The boats that carried us
Young golden lives
Leaving on a rising tide

Here we stand in Scandinavia
We stand right now
Hold my soul
Let it carry me